All About Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters – A Complete Guide!

Hamsters are the cutest of all. They are cute little mischievous creatures that make your life very beautiful. There are various species of hamsters around the world. The only unfortunate thing about the hamsters is they live for very little time i.e. 2-3 years. You’ll find useful information in this article, All about Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters!

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are also known as Robo dwarf hamsters or just dwarf hamsters. These hamsters are the smallest among all the species and grow up to 4.5-5 cm only. They weigh 20-25 grams during adulthood. The average lifespan of a Roborovski dwarf hamster is 2-3 years and it is dependent on living conditions

The Roborovski dwarf hamster has an eyebrow like a white spot that distinguishes it from the other species. These little ones are especially known for their speed.

These hamsters are a bit shy and are from deserts of China, Mongolia, and Russia.

A different thing about the Roborovski dwarf hamster is that they don’t like to be touched or held. They try to keep a healthy distance from the people. The gender of these cuties can be easily visible. The male openings are a bit apart while female openings are very close and can be seen as a single opening.

Usually, the breeding season is between April and September.

A female Roborovski can give birth to 3 to 4 litters at a time. The babies weigh between 1 gram – 2.1 gram at birth. They are born without fur, the claws are visible, and eyes, pinnae, and digits are sealed. After three days, the whiskers become visible. And the baby open eyes after 14 days.

The Diet Of Roborovski Hamsters:

Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters diet

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are omnivorous. They eat vegetables, fruits, grains, plants, meat, insects, etc. These animals are not likely to the winter season. They usually remain underground and survive by stocking some food in their burrow system.

Though Roborovskidwarf hamsters are omnivorous, they mainly feed on seeds of Nitre Bush, sand alyssum, Siberian pea shrub, milkvetch, sedges, Dracocephalum peregrinum, etc. Robos are well known in Chinese territory for the foraging millet seeds.

The daily intake of Roborovski dwarf hamsters is dependent on its body weight. Young hamsters usually have a greater diet than adult hamsters. If you pet a Roborovski hamster, make sure that they are provided with protein-rich food.

It can be grasshoppers, mealworms and other insects. Dried insects are also available in the market if you find it difficult to feed them alive. For providing a natural environment you should hide the food in different places or bury it somewhere.

Food Items That Should Be Avoided Include:

  • Apple seeds
  • Chocolates
  • The green part of the tomato. It is toxic for the hamster
  • Too acidic citrus fruits
  • Aubergine
  • Garlic, onions, and peppers. It can irritate the stomach
  • Meat with higher fat

Make sure that water should be available all the time. A bowl should be kept for a comfortable and natural drinking posture.


Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters fact

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are usually kept in same-sex pairs. Paring or grouping the hamsters when they are young is an essential part of their growth.

It is recommended not to introduce new Robo to an established group. They may not survive for long. If this establishment goes right, your pet can live for about three years.

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are original with a white belly and sandy brown back. This colour helps them to blend with the desert surrounding.

The Variations In Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters

Variations In Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters

At present, there are 10 variations found in the Roborovski dwarf hamsters.

  • Whiteface – this hamster has agouti coloured fur and a white face. It is a dominant mutant.
  • Agouti- it is a greyish-brown hamster with white eyebrows.
  • Husky- hamsters with agouti colour and white face. These hamsters are recessive mutation producers.
  • Platinum- it is a combination of the husky gene and the dominant white face gene. It looks similar to white-faced husky but as it grows older, its colour starts to fade
  • Pied or Mottled- it has irregular patches over its body. This hamster is a combination of recessive and dominant mutations. The body is agouti coloured or some times it is blue/ cinnamon/ black/ husky.
  • Dark eared white or white from white-faced- it is a combination of the husky gene and dominant white-faced gene. This hamster is white and has greyish ears and undercoat.
  • Head spot- this hamster is a combination of dominant and recessive pied genes. It is a hamster with white fur and a patch on the head
  • Red-eyed- it is a cinnamon-coloured little one with red eyes, chocolate undercoat, and pale ears.
  • Blue/ black- these hamsters are originally bred in Finland. This type of hamster is produced from two recessive genes.

Temperament And Behaviour 

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are very active at night. They can play all night without any problem. These babies are very fast and active, so it is better to keep them in a place where you can catch them easily. Hamsters are quick learners. If you offer them to treat, they will b the happiest and then can learn some tricks.

Roborovski Hamsters As Pets

Roborovski Hamsters As Pets

In recent years, hamsters are becoming very popular as pets. As we all know Roborovski hamsters are are very active. So they are a bit difficult to handle as compared to other domestic hamster species. These species are better to be in a wide space so that there must be enough space for them to live.

According to research, Robos can live for 26 months if kept in captive.

A study claimed that the Roborovski hamsters are hypoallergenic. Thee hamsters are associated with the development of asthma.

Usually, there is no need to give a bath to these hamsters, they groom themselves frequently. Instead of this, a sand bath is a good option for keeping them clean and healthy.

Giving them a water bath will remove the essential oils from the coat. In emergency time, you can give them a bath with slightly warm water to clean the harmful materials from the fur of your hamster.

Ideal Companions For Robo Hamsters

hamster in jar

As we already know, these cute little hamsters grow up to 2-3 inches and very fast and energetic. Due to these risks of speed, size, and biting; it is advisable to not keep robos as pets with the children. As the children are careless regarding playing, robos may suffer from various injuries, eyes popping out, a broken bone, etc.

Also, a frightened roborovski may bite. They are also a bit timid at times and require a good enough quite time, patience, and attention. Their owner must be an adult who can handle them carefully and have previous experience with normal hamsters and mice. Robos are not a beginner pet, they need very special treatment and requirements so that they can live longer.

Why Do Robo Hamsters Leave Us So Early?

The reason behind the hamster’s lifespan is the biological fact that they gain their full maturity in a shorter period. Usually, Hamsters require all the care from their parents for 4-6 weeks. The reason behind this is that they are born partially developed with a very little fur.

And, we buy them from a pet shop when they are too small. By 6-8 weeks, the female hamsters gain their sexual maturity and the male hamsters hit their maturity at the age of 8 weeks. A young hamster is full of energy and as it grows old, it becomes a let energetic and likely to stay in bed for a longer time.

How Can They Live Longer?

cage for your hamster

Hamster lifespan can be increased by 3-4 months just by taking extra care and keep them healthy. Hamsters are more likely to catch a cold by the people. This cold can be turned into a respiratory infection for the hamster. Cold is the most common reason for the shortness of the hamster’s lifespan.

The easiest way to deal with this problem and take proper care of your hamster is to wash you before caring for them. Even if you are not ill, you should wash your hands before handling your pet.

Injuries are an important part of every pet’s life. Hamster cages are made to make the hamster’s life better. But, many times it happens that they break their legs in wire wheels.

These wire wheels can be more dangerous than they seem to be. So, it is advisable to get a solid surfaced cage for your hamster. Providing good chewing toys to your hamster is also a healthy practice that you can do to protect them. Many of the hamsters have a habit of chewing the wheels of the cage.

Diet is one of the important aspects that should be taken care of. A balanced diet plays a major in increasing your hamster’s lifespan. You should provide a fibre-rich diet to your baby.

Pre-made food also a good option. You can do one thing that prepares a diet routine and according to that feed your hamster with the pre-made food and fruits & vegetables. As your hamsters get older, you need to take extra care of them. All these cute baby needs are your love and care.

So, it is important to notice their every move and changing habits. As they get older, their moments become slow, the energy keeps on declining. They spend less time on the wheel. Special care must be taken towards activities like more sleeping, losing weight, losing interest in treats and foods, etc.

As they grow old, their eyesight started becoming dull and this may happen that they start losing their fur. So, you must make everyday tasks easy for them. Make sure you keep their food and water at a shorter distance, keep the surroundings as quiet and calm as possible.

Although they live alone among the solid wheels and bedding, it is important to keep an eye on them to make sure their proper health and safety. Good veterinary care is an essential thing to do. These small things play a very crucial role in health and hamster life. Already they have such a short life span; above it, if any illness came, hamster lifespan becomes much less.


Do Robos Have Pouches?
Yes, they have but the pouches are very small. So, only small grains and seeds will fit in. Robos usually don’t use their pouches.
What If The Hamsters Living Together, Fights?
Keep an eye on them. Commonly, a male and a female hamster fight after mating. Slapping, pushing, chasing is common but the moment one of them sheds blood, they should be immediately separated.
What If I Cannot Keep My Hamster?
First of all, you should not have taken the animal. But, the way is to surrender the pet to an animal shelter


Unfortunately, many animals came to the earth with a short lifespan. And in comparison to other pets, the hamster’s lifespan is much less. So, you must make your hamsters’ life a healthy and happy experience for them.

You must cherish every moment you have with them. In a short period, these pets make us love them and they love us unconditionally. At some point in time, we have to accept this thing.

The good thing is, you can extend your hamster’s lifespan with some months by providing proper food, a great environment, and quality care. So, make sure that you also love your hamster unconditionally as he or she loves you.