Can Hamsters Eat Cheese? A Guide to Feeding Your Furry Friend

Whenever it comes to cheese, what sort of animal you will be thinking in mind? Yes, it will be the mouse. But is a mouse related to hamsters? Yes, it does as hamsters are taxonomically similar to mice due to which their habit is just the same as a mouse. Can Hamsters eat Cheese? Will your hamster love to have cheese?

So giving food to your hamster must be at the right time, with the right amount as well as the right content which is the key part of your pet’s diet by the right nutritional index.

Now you will be having some sorts of questions that every owner wants to know just for the sake of the welfare and health of your little bud. I hope these are the following questions in your head being revolved around.

Is it Safe for Hamsters to Eat Cheese?

The Safety of Cheese for Hamsters

Yes! Hamsters can eat Cheese but feeding cheese to your little buddy regularly should be avoided, giving them cheese two to three times in a week is more than enough. They can eat cheese because it proves to be a good source of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for the growth and development of your Hamster.

How Much Cheese To Feed Your Hamster?

You must feed the cheese equal to a raisin size to your hamster. One should give only a couple of pieces per day. But always feed them 2-3 times per week.

Why Should You Not Include Cheese In The Daily Diet For Your Hamster?

Excluding Cheese from Your Hamster's Daily Diet - Here's Why

If your little ham is eating as much as the owner is giving, it doesn’t mean that your pet can eat as much as it wants. Giving too much cheese will lead to bad effects on your pet’s health in the following ways:

So always provide proper feeding to your hamster as per the diet requirement, which is quite an essential part of making your pet healthy enough to stay long.

What Sort Of Cheese Should You Give To Your Hamster?

Cottage cheese is the best, as it has mild fat content which is best for your little pet. But never feed them: Cheese balls/Cheese puffs/Junk food or anything that has cheese content in it.

How To Ensure That Your Hamster Is Liking Cheese?

Guarantee Your Hamster's Cheese Enjoyment

You must look for some indications or changes that your pet may show. If your little ham is eating the cheese for the first time, and to know whether it is comfortable for it.

Make sure it is drinking an ample amount of water/ Check for stool (constipation i.e. hard stool)/allergic symptoms (hair loss etc.) Sometimes your Ham may like it very much and to have them later, they may stash them up inside their cage.


Is Cheese Good For All Sorts Of Hamsters?

Yes ! it is. All hamsters (Winter white/Campbell’s/Chinese/Robo/Syrian) can eat cheese with low-fat content.

Can Campbell’s/Chinese Hamsters Have Cheese?

Yes, the above-mentioned species can have cheese too but always remember the feeding requirement must be based on the diet content that every pet owner must keep in mind.


So overall, it is true and sure that hamsters do eat cheese and the owner must give them the right quantity as per the nutritional diet. I am stressing about a nutritional diet because it is very important to make your hamster healthy by feeding it in the right amount.

So I hope your questions are correctly answered and you will be following the right schedule for your hamster’s diet. Have a healthy life!