Can Hamsters Drink Milk? – Risks and Benefits

Hamsters are the cutest pets one could ever own. Most people treat themselves like their own children. And we know that children can drink milk and it is very beneficial for them. But can animals drink milk and is it beneficial for them or not.

Can Hamsters Drink Milk?

Dairy for hamsters

Yes, hamsters can drink milk, cow’s milk does not appear to be toxic to hamsters, and most of them can tolerate a portion of it when given. Giving your hamster milk occasionally will certainly not result in any harmful or serious or long-term health effects. But still, that doesn’t mean that milk is healthy for hamsters.

Cow’s milk is not necessarily a good adequate source of calories. In addition to this, hamsters, like most animals, can have a difficult time processing large amounts of dairy products. If you want to use milk as a rare treat, there is nothing much to worry about, but you probably should not give milk to your hamster regularly to maintain health.

Why Should You Give Milk To Your Hamster?

When it comes to drinking liquids you might become confused that even though if we can feed them those then how much can be sufficient? Are we providing them with any health benefits or not?

Well, some studies suggest that we should feed them milk it provides hamsters with some benefits. For example, some say that since cow’s milk has a high amount of calcium therefore, they help in preserving the bone health of hamsters which means it keeps the bones strong and healthy.

Some pet owners also believe that feeding a small number of dairy products to your pets can give their calcium level a bit boost which will keep them strong and healthy. Milk can also give the hamster’s dental health a boost. Like some animals’ hamsters have a tooth that never stops from growing as their teeth are made of calcium therefore milk can give their dental health boost.

Some pet parents have also claimed that having dairy products helps them in keeping their pet’s bone health. Your hamster should get most of their calcium from the specially formulated food they eat after every meal. Cow’s milk or any of the dairy products for that matter is not magical.

If it has any bone health benefits, their health benefits are mainly due to their high levels of calcium, and there are many more natural, hamster-friendly calcium sources out there. Milk is not a suitable food that you should use to rely on for any of your hamster’s dietary needs.

Why Should You Not Give Milk To Your Hamster?

Hamster milk consumption

You may find that in many of the cases the hamsters become lactose intolerant when they reach their adulthood. Which means that the ability to absorb any of the dairy product becomes very low in hamsters.

Although some can tolerate small quantities of any dairy product that certainly does not mean that you should feed them milk every day. Feeding them milk every day can cause digestive problems in your hamster’s body which will cause a lot of problems to your guinea pigs.

Apart from that milk also contains a lot of fats and calories. We humans can drink milk every day but there is a difference between us and hamsters. Hamsters are tiny animals with tiny little needs. Therefore, the calorie requirement for them is also less.

So, giving them extra calorie food beyond their capacity might raise serious health issues they might become overweight or obese. Also, give them small portions of milk and do not give them any flavored milk, especially chocolate milk.

How To Feed Milk To Your Hamster Properly?

Feeding milk to hamsters

You can feed milk to your hamsters in a small bowl and if while drink that if they spill some in the ground then you should never let them near it. Drinking that might be harmful to your hamster.
Also, feed them only cow’s milk which is fresh.
After they are done drinking it immediately remove it from their cage.

Alternatives To Milk For Your Hamster

The following are the alternatives to Milk for your Hamster which are equally beneficial for your little friend:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Mealworms
  • Barley
  • Apples


Can Baby Hamsters Drink Milk?
No, Baby hamsters should never be fed milk without consultation from a veterinarian.
Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?
Yes, eating cheese occasionally as a treat might be good for hamsters.
What Can Hamsters Eat Instead Of Milk?
Instead of Milk they can eat Carrot, Broccoli, and Apples.


Well, in my opinion, you should feed milk to your hamsters, but that, not every day you should feed them milk once or twice in a week and that too in small portions. Also, feed them fresh cow milk only. If they drink it too much it might lead to them becoming overweight or obese.