Black Bear Hamsters – Care, Behavior, and Health Considerations

The black bear hamsters also known as European black hamsters or Black teddy bear hamsters initially bred in the year 1985. Famous for its black fur and gentle temperament, some consider them to be a colour version of teddy bear subtype, while others consider them as long-haired Syrian hamster. Owing to this continuous debate, black bear hamsters are yet to be truly recognized in the hamster world.

Characteristic Features Of Black Bear Hamsters

Black Bear Hamsters have several distinct features that distinguish them from other hamster sub-types.

Breed Temperament

It is said that black bear hamsters are more docile and have gentle temperament in comparison to other species making them a good choice for beginner hamster owners and children. Their high-stress tolerance level and relaxed disposition make them easy to care for. They are less inclined to bite, super friendly, and hence my favourite breed to play with.


Since black bear hamsters are quite docile and gentle in temperament, they are less energetic as compared to other species and hence require more exercise to stay fit and healthy. This can be achieved by providing them with their favourite toys to play with. An exercise wheel can be attached to their cage.

Besides, you may also get a plastic ball or a flying saucer for your little one. also, check upon your hammy regularly to avoid the risk of obesity and other health problems. In case your child wishes to play with a hammy for extended periods, you may purchase a small leash and harness for your tiny friend. This is because of its large size. A small leash will prove to be beneficial in handling your furry friend.

Appearance Of Black Bear Hamsters

Black bear hamster care

Known for their thick, glossy and black fur, black bear hamsters are classified as long-haired, satin or rex coats. Satin hair is glossy and shiny and allows light to reflect through them. The entire body of a black hamster displays thick coats. 

Their belly area or some area around the paws, eyes may show some white marks. Talking about features, their dark black eyes and pink paws make them look super cute. They have less amount of area around their nose and their nose also appears to be pink. Its tail also typically features pink color adding to its beauty.

Average Size Of Black Bear Hamsters

Typically, the adult size of the black bear hamster is 5-6 inches. It depends upon the genes, their diet, and how well they are taken care of. However, some may grow only up to the standard size of the Syrian breed i.e. 3-4 inch.

Nutrition And Diet For Black Bear Hamsters

Hamster health guidelines

Every creature requires nutritious and healthy food to stay healthy and happy and so does black bear hamsters. You need to focus upon the following aspects in a Hamster’s diet:

Provide them with whole food items

Ranging from seeds, grass, and grains, hamsters eat a variety of food. They also love to have fruits and veggies regularly. Occasionally, add some worms and insects to their diet to ensure a balanced diet.

You will get to know what your hammy loves the most gradually and then you can accordingly prepare its diet chart with its most loved food items.

Make sure that the cage is completely clean before offering food to your tiny rodent. Also, make a habit of offering little amount of food at a time. This is because hamsters have a habit of hoarding food for later consumption. They temporarily store some amount of food in their cheeks and then hide it somewhere.

The practice of food hoarding by hamsters may attract a lot of flies and mould which may affect hamster’s health very badly. Hence it becomes necessary to maintain proper hygiene and clean their cage regularly.

Ensure the right amount of nutrition

It is important to feed your hammy with the right amount of nutrition. Prepare a protein-rich diet for them. Add some minerals and vitamins so that all the required nutrients reach your tiny rodent.

Feed the with cooked chicken, cheese, mealworms, or scrambled eggs to ensure proper protein intake.

Please do not offer the husk seed or any sharp food items as it might hurt the delicate lining of the hamster’s cheek pouch. 

Discourage food items containing moisture

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Food items with high moistures content like cucumber and lettuce may prove to be harmful to your little one as they promote defecation and diarrhoea. Hamsters can be fed with cucumber. However, if fed too much or too often, it may lead to health problems.

Provide your hammy fresh and filtered water

Filtered water is preferable for your little one. tap water also works fine if dechlorinated. now you may wonder how to dechlorinate water? Well you can easily dechlorinate water by following these easy steps which include:

You may add some dichlorination liquid or tablets and mix well with the water to remove excess chlorine content, alternative, you can also dechlorinate by keeping water in an open container overnight allowing the chlorine content to evaporate naturally.

Offer water in sippers so that your hamster has constant access to fresh water. Also, sippers prevent water from getting contaminated. They do not allow dust to get mixed with water and prevent the entry of small insects keeping the water clean and drinkable. Clean your sipper regularly so that any sort of precipitate is not build up inside the sipper.

You need to choose the right sipper for your hamster and to ensure that you keep in mind these considerations:

When getting a sipper for your hamster you generally have two choices. Either get a plastic one or a glass one. I believe that a glass one is better and use the same for my hamster as glass sippers are least likely to be contaminated with harmful chemicals like BPA.

If you go for the plastic one, just make sure that the plastic is hamster safe and hamster approved.

How To Groom You Black Bear Hamster?

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For good grooming, use a brush or a comb to and groom its hair at least once a week to remove tangles and debris. Good grooming makes your hamster’s hair look shiny and healthy making them cuter.

In case you feel that the comb is not able to untangle the hair completely, spot the areas carefully and use a trimmer to gently remove the stubborn hair. Do not pull at matted hair as it may cause pain to your hammy and may further lead to more complications.

Hamsters should be groomed from the very beginning so that they get used to it and do not act restless. Initially, you can make them sit for short grooming sessions and then gradually increase time once they get used to it. It is important to make sure that they do not find grooming sessions extremely stressful. For that, you can try feeding them with fruits and veggies. This will help in diverting their minds and they may sit for long grooming hours.