Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?

We all love guacamole but a good replacement has come up these days that are avocados and it is mostly loved by all. Avocados are considered to be fabulous and healthy for our animal companions and can be given to them as a treat. But can all animals eat it?

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?

Yes! Hamsters can eat it but it is not recommended for them to eat avocados. If you are thinking that it is toxic or poisonous then don’t worry if you feed them a small piece then it would not have any bad impact on them, it is just considered to be a very unhealthy fruit. They will not suffer any toxicity but it might lead to the creation of several other health problems. Many fruits add some nutritional benefit to the hamster’s body but that is not the case with avocado they are not adding any health benefit. In case they eat avocado don’t panic of taking them to a vet just search for some other treatment option.

Hamsters can be given an Avocado occasionally.

Why Should You Give Avocado To Your Hamster?

Well, generally people prefer avocados because of the high level of healthy fats as they can give a good impact on the brain, skin, and nervous system in humans. But they cannot have a good impact on hamsters.
You should understand that hamsters daily need healthy food to increase the vitamin, minerals, and fats in their body every day. If you eat avocados every day it might have a good impact on your skin but this is not a good option for hamsters.

You very well know that eating too much of any fruit can cause stomach upset and diarrhoea but along with that avocados come up with other risks as well. Avocados are extremely high in fat and calories and fat for your tiny hamsters. If the hamsters eat avocados daily then they will certainly gain weight and become obese. And this is not good if they will become fat they will suffer from chronic fatigue and also will not have any interest in doing any type of exercise that will further lead to depression and excessive weight gain.

And also, fat hamsters might introduce new problems like diabetes, heart disease, and the worst short lifespan.
If your hamsters gain weight so to have control over their diet talk to a vet doctor and have a diet chart prepared for them.

Avocados can be given to your Hamster.

Why Should You Not Give Avocado To Your Hamster?

Well, you must have got an idea up till now that hamsters can eat avocado but it is highly recommended for them not to eat it. Although they do not contain any toxic or poisonous ingredients that can harm your hamster’s health but due to them having acidic content and high-fat content it can be unhealthy for your hamsters. Even though they might contain some vitamin and minerals but the amount of fat in them cannot be handled by you hamster’s digestive system.

Avocado’s flesh is sticky therefore there are chances that it might get stuck in the hamster’s pouch and can cause a painful abscess.
And don’t take it rashly pouch abscess is considered to be a serious problem for hamsters. There might be impacts like drooling or swelling around the face or head. If you see any symptoms take them quickly to a vet, they might need the removal of the food from the mouth but they might also need some antibiotics.

How To Feed Avocado To Your Hamster Properly?

First of all, you must know that avocado is not a fruit that should be at all served to your hamster. But if in case one day you like feeding them take some precautions.
Before feeding avocados to your hamsters remove the seed and pits of the avocado because they are sticky and can cause problems like pouch abscess. So firstly, remove them.
Then wash the fruit thoroughly and then cut them into small pieces.
Serve a small portion of the avocado fruit because of it being high in fat content.

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Alternatives To Avocado For Your Hamster

The Following are the alternative food items that you can give to your Hamster instead of Avocado:

  • Baby corn
  • Sweet corn
  • Artichoke
  • Beets
  • Beet tops


Can Hamsters Eat Avocado Seeds?

Yes, they can eat avocado seeds by mixing it with salad, juice, smoothies, and mixed with tea. Firstly, cut into really small pieces then mix it.

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado Skin?

No, they cannot avocado skin because these are sticky and can stick to your hamster’s tooth and can cause tooth decay.

Can Hamsters Eat Peanut Butter?

Yes, they can eat peanut butter as a treat but only a tiny portion of it and that too in moderation.

Can Hamsters Drink Milk?

Yes, they can drink milk but it is not a good option to have hamsters drink milk.


Now, you know that even though you can feed avocado to your hamster but how much harm it can be for your hamster to eat it. So, I would recommend not serving them avocado because apart from them there are also so many fruits and vegetables that are also tasty and add to the nutritional value to the hamster’s health.
Even though your hamster eats it don’t worry and immediately take them to a vet or search for other better and healthy options.