Can Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Well for us humans we know eggs are an excellent breakfast because it is considered to be a good source of protein. But what about animals is it safe for them to have eggs. Well, let’s find out about its impact on the hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Well yes, you can surely feed eggs to your hamsters as a treat and you have got nothing to worry about because it is not at all toxic so if you have it prepared then you can feed eggs to them. But first, you need to make sure that they are not allergic to eggs because some of the hamsters might be allergic to them. Although it is really rare if they have it then feeding them eggs can cause immediate or life-threatening health problems. Also, they should not be served as any staples in your hamster’s diet. Even if you think of them as healthy food for your hamsters yet they still have a lot of calories and fat content in them which can cause a lot of problems for your hamsters. So don’t feed them regularly just once or twice a week as a treat they will love it.

Hamsters can eat Eggs for sure!

Why Should You Give Eggs To Your Hamster?

There is a reason that why we humans prefer to have so many eggs in our breakfast because we know that it has protein in them which is helpful as it contains all required amino acids which can be helpful to have a strong and active body. Same goes for hamsters it will also help in keeping the body of our hamster very strong. The amino acid is a really important part of our body.

Everything has amino acid be it their heart, fur, skin, and toes. Yes, it is true that they can by themselves produce amino acids but some of the important acids come from a proper diet only.
Hamsters need a lot of protein for their body. Not having enough can cause various health problems for them. For example, their fur will no longer soft instead they will be bald patches and the wound will also barely heal.

Also, they will always be tired their activity level will constantly drop off.
Also after some research, I found out that giant hamsters are the ones most likely to face protein deficiency. But also you must know that you don’t know everything about your pet, no offence.

Therefore it would be better if you notice something wrong immediately take them to a vet they might be able to examine them in a much better way. Also, they have a rich composition of vitamin d as well which will help in improving your hamster’s skeletal health as well.

Why Should You Not Give Eggs To Your Hamster?

Well, I have already told you in the starting that eggs have to be fed in moderation. The reason is that it contains a lot of calories and fat which will become an issue for them if they eat it every day. Hamsters also become obese very easily so it becomes very necessary for you to monitor how much calories they intake in one day.

Also apart from the fruits or vegetables which you give them as a treat eggs have way more cholesterol, fat, and calories in them.
Also, so much of fat and cholesterol can give an introduction to various heart-related problems. So if already your hamster is having heart problems so its better not to give them eggs.

Eggs have many benefits for your Hamster’s Health.

How To Feed Eggs To Your Hamster Properly?

Well for starters you must feed them small pieces of eggs which are the size of their paws. Also don’t feed them raw eggs try only scrambled eggs as the raw eggs might be risky and the eggshells can cause a lot of internal damage.

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Can Hamsters Eat Boiled Eggs?

Yes, they can surely eat boiled eggs. In my opinion one or two slices of boiled eggs is enough for them.

Can Hamsters Eat Egg Yolk?

Yes, you can feed them egg yolk but it would be better for you if you first get them hardened and then serve it to them. As for you must know that they cannot eat runny foods very easily.

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Yes, they can eat eggs and since they are giant hamsters they might be needing it more than a dwarf hamster because they need more protein than the dwarf hamsters.

Can Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Well yes but very little pieces are advised because they contain a lot of calories and fat content and the dwarf hamsters cannot absorb so much.

Can Roborovski Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Yes, they can eat eggs because just like Syrian hamsters they are also giant hamsters and they also need a lot of protein. But that still does not mean they can have it every day.


I would like to say that in my opinion you can surely serve eggs to your hamster just make sure first that they are not allergic to eggs. For doing that you can visit a vet or just give them a small piece and get their reaction to it.