Can Hamsters Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon has been the most favourite fruit for us with such juicy
texture having rich vitamins and minerals that are a sure requirement for
our body to maintain the healthiness. But how about your little pet,
hamster. Whether your pet can have such fruit which is full of
pulp? Can Hamsters Eat Watermelon? So, giving food to your hamster must be under the right time, the right amount as well as the right content which is the key part for your pet’s diet accordance with the right nutritional index.

Can Hamsters Eat Watermelon?

Yes! Hamsters can eat Watermelon for sure! In fact, Feeding Watermelon to your hamster is a good thing, but one thing you must remember, never try to include Watermelon as a daily meal. Therefore, giving 1 teaspoon watermelon every once a week is a good way for feeding them.
One must remember the diet index for the hamster. All hamsters are
able to eat Watermelon as it is a good source of vitamins and minerals
which are the sure requirement for their diet.

Why Should You Include Watermelon In The Daily Diet For Your Hamster?

Watermelons can be extremely beneficial for your little hamster’s health. These benefits can be discussed as follows:

  • Vitamin C plays a key role in the immune system.
  • Vitamin K is crucial for normal blood clotting.
  • Low calories are crucial for domestic hamsters.

Thus, Watermelon is the best fit snack for your little hamster as a
healthy food. But remember such nutrition content varies for all your hamsters. So one must know the apt. needs of one’s hamster.

Why Should You Not Include Watermelon In The Daily Diet For Your Hamster?

You must feed the Watermelon to your hamster under small amounts
which will surely not cause any side effects but remember if you
observe your hamster having digestive upset and not having ample
water and food: Since Watermelon has a lot of sugar content, it can lead to cause diabetes in hamster which could lead to a health complication.
Watermelon has goodish water content, so better don’t give too much
of them otherwise, your hamster may suffer from Diarrhoea.

How Many Watermelons Should You Feed Your Hamster?

Watermelon must be given to your hamsters in small amounts and the
serving must be 1 teaspoon once a week.

What Sort Of Watermelon Should You Give To Your Hamster?

Watermelon Rind/Watermelon can be given to your hamster.
Never feed Watermelon seeds to your hamster.

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How To Ensure That Your Hamster Likes Watermelon Or Not?

If your little ham is eating the Watermelon for the first time, and to
know whether it is comfortable for it. Make sure it is drinking ample
amount of water/ Check for the stool (constipated i.e. hard
stool)/allergic symptoms (hair loss etc.)
But make sure never overfeed them as overfeeding will lead to
upset digestion.


Is Watermelon Good For All Sorts Of Hamsters?

Yes! Watermelon is beneficial for all sorts of hamsters. All hamsters (Winter white/Campbell’s/Robo/Syrian) are able
to eat Watermelon.

Can Campbell’s/Chinese Hamsters Eat Watermelons?

Yes, the Campbell hamster species can have Watermelon too but
always remember the feeding requirement must be based on the diet content that every pet owner must keep in mind. But it is not suggested for the Chinese hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Watermelons?

Yes! Raw watermelons can be given to hamsters but on the precondition that they are washed thoroughly so as to remove any chemical substances harmful for the Ham’s health.

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Watermelons?

No, Dwarf watermelons are susceptible to Diabetes and therefore, they cannot eat watermelons.


So overall, it is true and sure that hamsters do eat watermelon and as an owner, you must give them under the right quantity as per the nutritional requirement of your hamster. It will eventually help in preventing any inconveniences both to you as well as your little friend!