Do Hamsters Hibernate – Everything You Need to Know About

Are you looking for your answer do hamsters hibernate? The answer is yes, it might be hard to discover if your hamster is hibernating or not. Your hamster will seem to be in a hibernation stage when the weather is cold. It implies his body condition has plummeted and his heart rate has been hampered. This is the psychological phase of a hamster when he outperforms the favorable temperature and then can go into hibernation.

The temperature of the hamster should revolve between 65-70F degrees, the temperature below 65-70F then it is excessively cold for him/her and they will go into the phase of torpor. The reason for torpor is that they sense extra sleepiness, acting sluggish which is an indication of hibernation.

What is Hibernation and Do Hamsters Hibernate?

Hibernation in the animal means their heart rate is decompressing and they sense breathing gradually and intense sleeping. The major factor of hibernation is when the temperature runs down, the hibernation in some animals is so harsh that they supposedly die.

Reason for hamsters being in hibernation

  • Scarcity of nutrition and water
  • Weather is cold
  • Shortage in daylight hours

Do you want to know if your hamster is hibernating or not? Here are the signs of hamsters infiltrating into the hibernation stage.

Sniffing Slowly

They will start sniffing deliberately. Sometimes it is difficult to know if the hamster is hibernating or is dead due to breathing. The occurrence of hibernation makes them sluggish to breathe. It is like their rate of breathing is hindered regularly, for example, one breath after 2 minutes. If you want to know your hamster is not dead, he is still inhaling and remains in hibernation. Come close to him and review his breathing rate without any noises.

Cold and Limp

When the hamster’s body loses its warmth and suffers too cold in touch this is the reason for his stage in hibernation. The rise in their favorable temperature makes them cold and stagnant. They started to fall interested in anything and got into a deep sleep. Do not need to worry, you can keep your hamster warm. At this stage, the warm temperature will be 10C.

Avoid Food and Water

Avoid Food and Water

The most widespread sign of a hamster being in hibernation is when he starts to resist food and water. The reason for this is that your hamster has already eaten way too much before entering the stage of hibernation. So if your hamster is not able to eat anything even what they like most this is the sign of his being in hibernation.

Heart Rate Declined

When the hamster goes into hibernation the heart rate of his body will slow down and it also induces a decrease in his body flow. Slowing down the heart rate causes their slow breathing. If you want to know your hamster’s heart rate is minimising then snatch him up and assess his heart rate. If it happens slowly you need to heat him. The reason for reducing his heart rate is that he is suffering from too cold.

Excessive Sleeping and Acting Lethargic

When the nourishment source is scarce in hamsters he feels extra sleepy and begins acting lethargic. Intense sleep in the hamster is caused by being in a torpor. When they feel sluggish they do not realize any energy in their body and avoid having food or water. The more duration they will remain sluggish it gives rise to them not even trembling and conserving any muscle contractions.

Precautions Care

Precautions Care

Most hamsters are not hibernated but If your hamster is hibernating this is natural due to the physiological consequences on their body that occurs mostly due to a temperature rise. Here are the precautions you need to take care of when your hamster is in the hibernate stage. Keep them in a good cage.

Keep Them Warm

When they are excessively cold they go into hibernation. You need to keep them warm by maintaining them in a 10C-degree area. Try to warm them with a heating pad of 32C for up to 25-55 minutes. It enables them to feel warm and fuzzy. They will slowly come out from hibernation.


They are likely to resist food and water in the stage of hibernation. You need to continue feeding them warm milk, and water with sugar. The reason for hibernation is somehow a lack of diet source and nutrition so make sure to nourish them with proper healthy food like peanuts, grains, whatever gives them the stability to survive from hibernation.

Keep Them Awake

Keep Them Awake 

Hamsters will continue in a deep sleep. You need to try them awake as considerably as you can. This way you are making them feel alive by wiping their body and limbs. Keeping them awake is much more susceptible. You can do this by playing and cuddling with them. They are precious little children who need your extra care.

Regular Checking

You have to regularly examine their heart rate, their plump, etc. If you are in a cold place you can keep your hamster in a warm area but regular checking is essential walking around them wiping their chest, holding them making sure they are sipping sufficient water helps you to get rid of them from the hibernation stage.


The hibernate stage is normal in animals. You can easily protect them from hibernation with excess care, cuddling, and making them eat healthy food. Sometimes people get afraid of their hamsters not responding to them which is justified because due to hibernation hamsters die most of the time. Animals are too attractive and lovable you still can avoid your pet being in hibernation with proper love and care and keeping them at a favorable temperature.