Can Hamsters Live Together? Tips for Harmonious Coexistence Among Small Pets

Are you planning to adopt a partner for your hamster? Do you wonder, Can hamsters live together? Sometimes hamsters enjoy other hamster’s company. Your hamster will like the presence of another furry partner, depending on the type of hamster you own.

Many experts have shared their opinions on this. According to them, dwarf hamsters are the best choice, when planning to get a partner for your fur baby.

If the cage has plenty of space, then you can gift them a companion that too of the same breed. Syrian hamsters usually don’t get along with their companion. We recommend you avoid getting a partner for your Syrian hamsters.

Syrian hamsters can get upset with the presence of another hamster even if there is ample space in the habitat.
On the other hand, dwarf hamsters entertain the company of another furry partner.

Partner For A Syrian Hamster

Partner For A Syrian Hamster

Before getting a partner for the, you must know hamsters and their nature. Syrian hamsters are very aggressive. They may hurt the other pet as they don’t entertain sharing their space with another furry animal. It might shock you that these tiny and cute pets can show very unpleasant behavior towards the same breed animal.

Can Baby Hamsters Stay Together?

Yes! Baby hamsters can stay together. Baby hamsters are too small to fight. Once they reach a certain age and start to develop maturity, their impulse to fight also grows. You will rarely find two young hamsters sharing the same space in a pet store. That’s because hamsters are nocturnal animals and they get active mostly at night.

Once they start hurting the other pet, it becomes casual and it can risk their survival chances. Hamsters emerge from deserts where food and necessary resources are scarce in quantity. Thus, they have this tendency to be very possessive of their stuff. They are not cruel to humans, but they can be very harmful to other pets. These furry pets can be very calm in front of humans but at the same time, they can attack the other hamster.

Is Putting Guinea Pigs And Hamsters Together A Good Idea?

Is Putting Guinea Pigs And Hamsters Together A Good Idea

So, as we talked about above about the behavior hamsters show when you introduce another hamster to live with them.

Can hamsters share their space with a guinea pig? Or a rabbit? No, your hamster will most likely show unpleasant behavior towards any other pet. Hamsters are very insecure about their property. They will try every possible way to avoid sharing their possession with a new animal.

Is there any possibility that two hamsters can live peacefully together in the same cage? The answer depends upon the breed of hamsters. With what we have discussed, Syrian hamsters won’t tolerate the presence of other hamsters.

Tips To Keep Hamsters Together

Tips To Keep Hamsters Together

Keeping two hamsters together requires some effort. The cage should be double the size of the previous cage. It must be big enough to fit two young hamsters and the items required for survival.

  • Introduce them at a very young age. After 7 -8 weeks, the hamster may not show the desired behavior, and they can hurt the other hamster.
  • Place a small cage in the big cage. Then shift the hamsters to the cage. This will help them in swapping shelter and lower the risk of possessiveness. 

If they share the shelter without any arrogance, then you can shift them to the bigger cage.  You can repeat the steps if they show a little undesired behavior. 

More Feeding Area

To prevent hamsters from getting aggressive, you can provide them with different spaces for feeding. This will keep the hamster’s food and water separate and there will be no need for sharing.

Be Sure Of Gender Selection!

Hamsters of the same genders living as companions, in the same cage, are a good choice unless you want your hamsters to breed. Pet owners need to know their pet’s genders. Owners should carefully identify genders before choosing a partner for their hamster. Animals reproduce very quickly, and an unplanned litter means a new and bigger cage.

Monitoring Their Behavior

It is possible that hamsters that are sharing their habitat peacefully can turn against each other at any time. There are pet owners that have shared their experiences. Their hamsters were entertaining each other and they showed no sign of hatred. But after some time, they started hurting each other, and ultimately, owners had to shift them to a different cage.

Hamsters show negative signs of unsettlement and dissatisfaction, you should never ignore those signs. You may separate them for a week and reintroduce them again with another method. But if your hamster gets aggressive and harasses the other hamster, it’s time to get a new cage for them.


Can Two Hamsters live together?

No, two hamsters cannot live together generally. But it depends upon the nature of your little friend. Pet owners should be extra cautious while choosing a companion for their hamsters.

Syrian hamsters don’t tolerate the presence of another hamster. They can be hazardous for the other hamsters. If you still want to adopt another Syrian hamster, you have to get another cage for the new hamster.

Can Dwarf Hamsters live together in the same cage?

Yes, dwarf hamsters are comparatively more friendly with their partner only if they are litters or grow together. Experts advise monitoring the behavior of hamsters. If you notice something fishy, separate them as soon as possible.