Can Hamsters Eat Mangoes? – Sweet Treat for Your Pet

Even though hamsters are omnivores and they have a lot of options available but then too it is very tough for us to decide what to give them and what to not give them. Don’t worry I will try my best to help you out in every way possible.

Can Hamsters Eat Mangoes?


Yes, They can eat mangoes. But not every species of hamster can eat mangoes. For first you must know that mangoes are not at all toxic for your hamsters but some scenarios can put your hamster at risk.

Although mangoes have a lot of nutrients apart from that they also have a lot of sugar which is not good for hamster’s health. It might be okay for the giant hamster to have one or two mangoes but it is not at all okay for dwarf hamsters to have mangoes.

Why Should You Give Them To Your Hamster?

There is no doubt that feeding mango to your hamster would not provide any health benefits. Also, they are so tasty that you can give it to them as a treat once a while. You must know that mango is rich in vitamin c and protein as well.

The vitamin c present in them will keep their immune system strong and also the protein present in them will keep the muscles of the hamster.
It also has fibres present which is good in quantity they will help in boosting up the digestive system of our hamster.

It also ensures a regular bowel movement. These nutrients are beneficial for your hamster but then too should not be fed every day there are various other fruits and vegetables than can fulfil such requirements.

How To Feed Your Hamster Properly?

mango peel

Firstly, you must bring fresh mangoes for your hamster rotten mango might cause the problem to the hamster’s digestive system.
Then cut the mango into tiny pieces also remove the peel before serving it to them. Don’t let them near the seed.
Give the Syrian and roborovski hamsters one teaspoon of mango in a week. After they have eaten the mango remove it from their cage.


Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Mangoes?
Yes, you can surely feed mangoes to your Syrian hamster just make sure that you feed them then one or two tiny slices of mango once or twice a week.
Can Campbell's Dwarf Hamster Eat It?
No, you should not feed mangoes to your dwarf hamsters because unlike Syrian hamsters they have a comparatively low digestive system, and eating so much of sugar contained fruit might be harmful to them and they might become diabetic. So, it’s better if you do not feed them mango.
What About Chinese Hamsters?
No, they should also not be given mango because they are also a type of dwarf hamster and therefore mango might be too sugary for them.
Can Hamsters Eat Dried Mango?
No, you should not feed them dried mango because just like any other mango they contain way too much sugar so it is better to keep them away from your hamster. Even giant hamsters cannot have it.
Can Hamsters Eat Mango Peel And Seed?
No, both the mango peel and the seed are harmful to your hamster. Mango peel has no nutrient present whatsoever so there is no use of feeding them mango peel. You must remove them before serving mango to your hamster. And as for mango seed, they are way too dangerous to even humans should not also try eating them.


Finally, I would like to say that only give mango to the giant hamsters because so much sugar cannot be absorbed by the dwarf hamster and they are at risk of becoming diabetic. You can feed them one tablespoon once or twice a week.